¬ Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominal skin and body fat tissues can lose elasticity and get flabby  when you experiences  weight  fluctuation , during pregnancy, age related deformations and  other reasons.This may result in excess skin  in the abdominal area and  weakness abdominal muscles strenght. Abdominoplasty  known as tummy tuck surgery includes the removal of sagging skin and excess fat tissues in the abdominal area and tighten up weakened muscles . With this procedure, protruding and sagging abdomen is corrected . Abdominoplasty can be combined with liposuction and other surgeries. Especially in the same session limited local liposuction such as both  flanks  can enhance the body contour dramatically.

Am I a good candidate for tummy tuck?

Sagging abdomen and excess fat tissues that does not improve with diet and exercise

Sagging and excess skin in the abdomen after pregnancy or  weight fluctuations

Unatractive protruding abdomen  and /or abdominal separation (diastasis recti)  related to pregnancy, weight loss, aging (diastazis recti)

If you have any of the symptoms above you may be an ideal candidate for tummy tuck. In addition with this surgery some of strias(White line)and sagging skin under the tummy can be removed but not all of them.

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that corrects the seperated   and weakened muscles (diastazis recti)  especially  after twin pregnancy that cause advanced abdomenal  deformity  and   flatten your abdomen that look  before pregnancy.

Pre-op Initial Consultation

If you are considering tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty you should seek an experienced plastic surgeon and consult with the doctor.

In this consultation you should clearly tell your complaints and expectations about  this surgery. Over the couse of consultation  your doctor will evaluate your general health status then your doctor will ask several questions related to this surgery such as whether you have  associated disease,  obstructive lung disease, diabetes, hypertension  and if you are on medication. Then, your doctor will examine your abdomen in details. In this examination skin elasticity, excess fat and the skin is evaluated.  Then  he/she will take notes for surgical plans. Considering your expectations and surgical examination,  your doctor will offer you the best and tailor made option and give you detailed information that includes what should you realistically expect from the surgery. If you scale over weight or planning to lose substantial weight or considering pregnancy in the future, doctor may advise you to postpone the surgery. Sharp fluctuations in weight may affect negatively the result of the surgery.  if you have scar due to  previous surgery, it may pose an obstacle.In this case doctor may not offer you the surgery. Your plastic surgeon  will explain the surgical method, anesthesia ,the place of operation (hospital) . He will provide  complete instruction  on pre and post operative  care. Also he will    give you information about the risk and potential complications of the surgery . Before deciding  tummy tuck  surgery ask all the questions and specific concerns until you get satisfactory answers and fully comprehend . In this consultation you may also get a quote. Based on the whole information you got you may finalize  your decision.

Once you decide to go with the procedure you will be asked  to have several blood tests done . If  test results are normal, the surgery time, date  and  place will be  determined.

The day  of surgery

Following registration in the hospital you will be smoothly transferred to your room. Your surgeon and anesthesist will come over to your room before the surgery . Your surgeon  will mark your abdomen as he /she planned . Also  anesthesist will inform you about the anesthesia and ask related  questions. Before going to operating room (OR) , a sedative  injection  will be administered.   It will help you to relieve the anxiety and the excitement related to surgery which is very common. 


In the operating room anesthesia will be applied. Tummy tuck is frequently performed under general anethesia that will provide you and your doctor comfort. Local anesthesia with sedation is another choice but it is not preferred by the surgeons. Your doctor will offer you the best choice that fits your case.

Abdominoplasty is accomplished in 2-5 hours depending on the degree of the deformity. Based on your body type  and technique used in the surgery , a horizontal scar will be occurred hipbone to hipbone through the cesarean section line in the bikini area.  You have also an incision around the navel.The incision is made as shown in the Picture, The skin flap over the  adominal muscles is disected up  . While keeping the navel in the same place the weakened muscles and loose underlying tissue are tightened and sutured together. You will have well-toned , stronger abdominal muscles , a narrow waist and no sign of protruding flanks. Sagging skin is drawn downward,  excess is removed and a new  belly hole openning is made for your belly button. Belly button is taken out from the new hole. Afterwards incision along the cesarean section  area is closed with specific sutures and dressing is done. To support the abdomen and  for your comfort an   compression garment is wrapped.

The first days following surgery 

When the surgery is finished you will be taken to your room. Your bed position is already arranged to provide you the best comfort;back and lower leg sides are folded . 3-4 hours after the surgery you are allowed to eat liquid food. You will be asked to stand up and take a walk at the soonest possible time after the surgery. A nurse will help you with this step.While in bed you are required to move your feet. In the first 2 days post-op swelling and eudema is common that will fade in the 3rd day post-op.In the 3-4 days you can not stand up right position.While walking to avoid tighteness you should bent your body. When you have pain pain killer will work and you won’t feel discomfort.Depending on the size of the surgery and abdominal corrections you may stay 2-3 days in hospital.

When can I resume normal activities after tummy tuck?

Following surgery you will notice a fast healing and a significant enhancement in the abdominal area. You will feel better and see your body is getting into the  form. But swelling and eudema related to surgery may last for weeks. Typically, most patients resume their lives in 2 weeks recovery process may extend  depending on your case and healing period. All patients are expected to have a rest for a week for faster recuperation.

Exercises will make you feel better.Without forcing yourself you can arrange your exercise program.It is crucial to avoid doing strenuous exercises until you feel comfortable. For 4*6 weeks you are expected to abstain from strenuous exercises like sit-ups.

Scars are more visible in the first weeks which is common. It will take 3-5 months scars and darkness of the skin to fade and go off. They will never be invisible totally. However in most cases scars will become barely noticeable like cesarean section scar. Even the scar is visible it won’t  attract attention as it will be covered with undergarment .

Follow up after surgery

After surgery you will notice your well-shaped body contour and you will have well-toned abdominal muscles. This will make you feel better . After the surgery you are expected to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly.This will help you maintain surgery results and a healthy life. Follow ups suggested by your doctor are important to help you manage this process easily.

This page includes basic information about abdominoplasty procedure, results and recovery. Please be sure to ask your doctor specific questions and concerns about the procedure as there are many factors available that may change according to patient and doctor. 


Prof. Dr. Muhitdin Eski