¬ FFA For Nose Surgery

Frequently asked questions for nose surgery

When can I begin doing sports after nose surgery? 

You should avoid for 3 weeks strenuous exercise , jogging, swimming, bending, sex and  activities that increases your blood pressure. It is also crucial that nose is not subjected to force, abrasion, motion or sun exposure for 2 months.

When exactly can I wear my lenses after nose surgery? 

5-7 days after the surgery as soon as patient feels better and swelling subsides contact lenses can be worn.

Can I wear glasses after nose surgery? 

At least for 4 weeks following surgery glasses should not be worn as nasal bone is nearly healed in 4 weeks. Due to potential compression that pallets of glasses cause on the nasal bridge it is very important to be careful. If you are obliged to wear glasses you may wear them on the cast the first week. Afterwards you may wear contact lenses. If you are not allowed to wear lenses you should wear glasses without any compression  on the nose.

When can I begin swimming after the nose surgery?

You may swim 3 weeks after the surgery. Diving is not suggested.

Will you cut the bones in nose surgery?

To reshape the nose bones are sculpted and cut appropriately (osteotomi). Then nasal bone roof is restored. Thus, projections and deviation are corrected.

Is nose surgery performed under local anesthesia?

Nose surgery can be perormed under local anesthesia with sedative support however general anesthesia is preferred mostly which stands as a key to a successful operation.

Is tampon compulsory after the nose surgery?

The first days, it is often necessary to place tampons to soak up blood leak from the nose.If septum is operated tampons may not be placed. According to surgical procedure vaselined tampons or special silicon splinter(Doyle) can be preferred. 

Will I feel pain during tampon take out?

You won’t feel pain while taking the tampons out. You had better consult with your doctor related to this subject and you should learn whether you need tampons or not after the surgery.

Is the intended goal to minimize the nose size and straightening the nasal bone?

Absolutely no. The intended aesthetic goal in the nose surgery is to reshape the nose to the desired shape. In fact, to restore the deformity and shape defects which means reducing or augmenting the size and the height of the nose, reshaping the tip and enhancing the nose that is proportionate to your face structure is the main goal. As known, while a small nose does not go with the big and large face structure it is the same thing with the big nose and the small face structure. 

(Nose surgery can make a large nose smaller, make a wide nose thinner, and make a long nose shorter.)