¬ Domestic and overseas patients


Prof.Dr.Muhitdin ESKI has been performing plastic and aesthetic surgeries to patients coming from out of Turkey for a long time. His long-standing experience, modern surgical techniques, meticulous post-operative care  facilities and highly skilled anesthesia team enable him to give estimation on for how long you should stay in Ankara for the concerning surgical process. 

Before coming to our office international patients and patients from out of city usually contact us through e-mail and make on-line consultation attached by pictures to get an estimation. After your referrals evaluated thoroughly by Dr.Eski you will be provided the best possible treatment option . All information and photos that you supply are kept strictly confidential.

Once you decide to undergo the required procedure, promptly all the necessary arrangements are set up by our experienced staff. Visiting our office 1-2 days prior to the surgery is adequate to initiate the whole process. During this time you will have an one-on-one consultation with Dr.Eski and preparations for the operation will be started. We also offer our patients highest quality services including accommodation in a comfortable hotel close to the hospital district  ( AKAY Hospital or GUVEN Hospital) and airport transfers.  During  the initial healing process, Dr.Eski will visit you at the hotel when necessary and our staff will keep in close contact with you. Post operative control and medical dressing schedules will be fixed immediately after your surgery. Our international patient coordinator may provide you grounding service (hotel-clinic-hotel) upon your request. 

Patients from out of city usually come in with their relatives or friends. Dr.Eski and our staff will also stay in touch. Post operative control and medical dressing schedules will be fixed and you will be able to contact us 24 hours.

Our staff is happy to assist you on the phone, on-line or in-person and provide an one-on-one consultation with Dr.ESKI to help achieve your aesthetic goals. You may contact from +90 312 437 0737, +90 532 2210969 .

To help you get started for initial consultation kindly request you click or call from +90  312 4370737
and e-mail fotograf@muhitdineski.com