¬ Dermabrasion


Acne Treatment with Dermabrasion:

In teenage years especially on the facial skin acne leaves sunken and bumpy scars after healing. This leads to an irregular and disfiguring look. For these type of scars several treatment approaches like laser surfacing, dermal filler and dermabrasion can be performed. All have advantages and disadvantages with one on another.

Dermabrasion involves scraping the surface of the skin technically called epidermis and dermis with surgical tools. Since it is a mechanic procedure by the help of controlled scraping from the top layer to deeper layers, irregularities like sunkened and bumpy scars are improved as much as possible. New wound healing is started and the intended goal is to make the skin smoother and restore luminosity. In deeper scars dramatic healing may not be expected.

In deeper scars healing process may extend. Also, it may tend to get worse and bumps may occur over the course of recovery. So, it is essential to go in the appropriate depth of the skin. Directly after the dermabrasion a long wound care or dressing is applied and new skin will start to grow. It generally takes 10-12 days. The wound that is healing is red in the beginning. It will take 8-12 weeks to fade. After wound healing avoiding sun exposure is a must . With dermabrasion the ultimate expectation is to get rid of scars on the surface and irregularities. However, it is impossible to make them disappear totally.

If you are on Roacutane or a similar acne treatment medicine you can not have the dermabrasion procedure unless it passes 1 year over .

Can dermabrasion procedure  be performed to remove out tattoo?

When a person considers getting a decorative tattoo or a tattoo the main goal is to have a cosmetic appearance. And this becomes an act of art. This involves the processing  some chemical or natural pigments on the dermis. Traumatic tattoos occur when a part of the body is scraped by the road or when a material thing or dust and dirt gets into the skin during the accident or explosion. The best acute treatment immediately after the accident is to brush and clear the wound area properly. This procedure will prevent a less traumatic tattoo to form.  In case there is a permanent traumatic tattoo then various treatment options including excision of tattoo, dermabrasion and laser procedure can be applied. 

Can dermabrasion be applied to remove scars?

Dermabrasion can also be performed to restore the irregular and bumpy scars.