¬ Breast Lift Surgery


Breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging,and gravity may lead to breast tissue volume and skin elasticity loss and sagging. This process cause breast ptosis (sagging), losing shape and fullness and also nipples pointing  down. These changes may induce lack of self-esteem. These candidates benefit from breast lift surgery considerably. In breast lift surgery (mastopexy) sagging breasts are reshaped , excess skin is removed which enhancing  the roudness of breast mound. Nipples are repositioned  to the required degree. With this surgery breasts are uplifted and look more youthful.

Pre-Op Initial Consultation 

If you are considering breast lift surgery you should seek an experienced plastic surgeon and consult with the doctor.

In this consultation you should clearly tell your complaints and expectations about  this surgery.Over the couse of the consultation,  your doctor will evaluate the  size, shape and skin elasticity  of your breasts  , and  detect  ,if exist,  asymmetries  and  deformities. Then  he/she will take notes for surgical plans. Considering your expectations and surgical examination,  your doctor will offer you the best and tailor made option and give you detailed information that includes what should you realistically expect from the surgery. Your plastic surgeon  will explain the surgical method, anesthesia, the place of operation (hospital). He will provide  complete instruction  on pre and post operative  care. Also he will    give you information about the risk and potential complications of the surgery . 

Before deciding  breast surgery ask all the questions you have in your mind until you get satisfactory answers and fully comprehend. In this consultation you may also get a quote. Based on the whole information you got you may finalize  your decision.

Once you decide to go with the procedure you will be asked  to have several blood tests done. If  test results are normal, the surgery time, date  and  place will be  determined.

The day  of surgery

Following registration in the hospital you will be smoothly transferred to your room. Your surgeon and anesthesist will come over to your room before the surgery. Your surgeon  will mark your breast as he /she planned. Also  anesthesist will inform you about the anesthesia and ask related  questions. Before going to operating room (OR), a sedative  injection  will be administered.   It will help you to relieve the anxiety and the excitement related to surgery which is very common. 

In the operating room anesthesia will be applied. Breast lift surgery can be performed under local or general anethesia. But mostly general anesthesia is preferred. During the surgery under general anesthesia you will be sleeping. Your doctor will offer you the best choice that fits your case.

Breast lift procedures.

In breast lift surgery (mastopexy) sagging breasts are reshaped and excess skin is removed. Nipples are repositioned into a new, higher location. Depending upon the degree of deformity the extent of scar changes. Scar will occur no matter which method is used. Often, one of the three methods mentioned below is performed: 

In periareolar mastopexy surgery, incision is made around the areola that will lead to a scar around nipple . This tehcnique  involves removal of skin from the areola and surrounding areas. However, this scar is prone to expand. This  procedure can be done on patients who have minimal sagging.

In vertical mastopexy surgery, one of the most frequently used techniques, involves incisions made on both sides of the breast and around the areola. A keyhole incision is then made directly above the nipple. The  surgeon works through the incisions to remove excess skin from the lower part of the breast. The nipple, areola and underlying tissue are then repositioned into a new, higher location, and the skin from both sides of the nipple is brought down and sutured together to reshape the breast. In this technique a scar around the areola and vertically down from areola to the breast crease will occur.

If  there is advanced sagging in breasts  then breast lift surgery that leaves an inverted-T scar or anchor shaped scar is performed. This technique  is rarely used.

Considering your expectations and surgical examination,  your doctor will offer you the best and tailor made option with one of these mastopexy technique.

If you want your breasts look fuller mastopexy and implant (  breast augmentation and breast lift) surgeries can be combined. By applying one of the breast lift  surgery incision, uplifting and silicon implant surgery can be performed in one session. When breast augmentation is performed in conjunction with mastoplexy, a breast implant is placed in a pocket created under the breast tissue or the muscle of the chest wall. This combination gives best results in women with small breasts with ptosis. Breast lift surgery can last 2 or more hours, depending on the patient and procedure. 

Following  breast lift surgery

Generally post-op process will not be uncomfortable. Pain is manageable. Following breast lift surgery, the patient will wear either special garments or bandages like bra . the post-op next day dressing is removed and incisions are  checked. A new dressing is placed on the  breasts and post-op  day 4  bandage is removed. You may take shower.These are usually replaced in a few days with a surgical bra which is worn for several weeks. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection. Instructions for the day of surgery include bed rest and limited activities. Strenuous exercises and overhead lifting must be avoided for several weeks and the physician will determine when normal activities can be resumed.There will be no need to remove the stitches. During initial healing there may be swelling, dicloloration in the skin and numbness  on the areolas. These will subside gradually.  

Your surgeon will put his/her best effort to make the scars look minimally conspicuous. In most patients scars fade and become barely visible. Unlikely in some patients  scars can get enlarged and stay permanent. Sometimes scars can turn red and raised. In this case substantial creams and medicine injections can be applied. As scars are hidden in the body contour and appropriately located you may even wear low-cut dress. 

Resuming normal life following breast lift surgery

Healing is a gradual process. While vary person to person patient resume daily  routine with in 3-5 days. Avoiding sternuous exercises for 1 months. Breast lift surgery produces good and permanent  result while boosting self-esteem and providing connection to life. Breasts are reshaped for long time but due to weight fluctutaions, breastfeeding and gravity the form of  your new breasts may change.

Your new look 

With mastopexy surgery your breasts will look more youthful and uplifted. Related to correction of  sagging breasts most patients feel happy.Changes in new breasts may occur due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity and weight fluctuations. 

If you fully comprehend the surgery , its results and if you have realistic expectations you will be highly satisfied with the outcome of breast liftor mastopexy surgery.

Prof. Dr. Muhitdin Eski